Le p'tit bistro (2012)
(the small bistro)

An exasperated barmaid can't seem to be able to close her bistro, as various peculiar characters keep coming in. Happy encounters, flirts, friendship, and romance happens in this lively bistro.

Dancers: Amanda Bon, Charles Cardin-Bourbeau, Sarah Fregeau, Marie-Pier Gilbert, Mary Catherine Jack, Kay Kenney, Martine Larochelle, Simon Renaud

Musics: Lester Young, Eric Truffaz, Herbie Hancock, Ensemble Montréal Tango, Tommy Dorsey, Misteur Vallaire, Herbalizer band, Brad Meldhau

Length: 65 minutes

Video excerpt- "cat's walk"
Video excerpt - "group loneliness"
Video excerpt- "on the dance floor"
Video excerpt - "love waltz"
Video excerpt - "fast five"
Video excerpt - "conversation"
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